Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion, Inc.

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50 USD
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Company Type:
Individual Person
Number of Employees:
1 - 4
About Us
Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, provides website design and redesign services - including mobile and responsive sites. We also provide search engine optimization (SEO), email and social media marketing. Though we have clients nationwide, our focus is on small businesses located right here in Northeast Wisconsin - Fox Cities, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Green Bay, Oshkosh, New London, Wausau, and Wautoma.

We Will Get Results From Your Website.

When Tammy Schultz founded Virtualtech way back in 1997, back in the days of the Web's infancy, she focused on one thing, and one thing only... to provide her clients with a Web presence which would generate tangible results.

Tammy understood that the key to success on the Web was not going to be achieved by fancy programming, or entertaining site visitors with flashy animations, multimedia, and games. While sites like that are all great fun (and they do have their place), by themselves they don't necessarily do a thing to increase your bottom line.

Utilizing her marketing background, Tammy set out to create and market websites, which when teamed with traditional forms of marketing, do what your marketing dollars are supposed to... generate sales!

Years later... while Virtualtech has grown and evolved, our mission has not changed.

As time has passed, we've adapted with the times, staying abreast of changes in technology, mastering new scripting languages to make sites more interactive and efficient, adopting new marketing strategies to address markets that didn't even exist years ago, and adding to our staff to keep up with our ever growing workload.

Virtualtech has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you succeed in incorporating the Web into your marketing strategy. We take the hassle, confusion, and time out of developing a quality website by providing all of the necessary services. Virtualtech custom tailors all website and marketing campaigns to fit your needs and meet your expectations.

We'll say it again... our mission has not changed.

Marketing Solution Category:
Web Design, Social Media, Email Marketing
Industry Experience:
Audio, Video & Photo
Bars & Restaurants
Food & Dairy
Home Services
Legal Services
Performing Arts
Personal Care
Pet Care
Print Media
Real Estate
Security Services
Travel, Recreation & Leisure
Business Offices:
Single Office
Web Design
Virtualtech Website Design and Promotion, located in Appleton, Wisconsin offers website design and redesign, mobile and responsive websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email ... moremarketing and Social Media marketing. Over the lasts 20 years, we have seen companies, fads and scams came and go. But by offering outstanding customer service and websites that get results, we have continued to grow.
Industry Experience:
Agriculture, Apparel, Bars & Restaurants, Beverages, Building Materials, Construction, Dry Cleaning, Faming, Building & Mining Equipment, Farming, Food & Dairy, Furniture, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Legal Services, Metals, Paper, Personal Care, Pet Care, Plastic & Rubber, Real Estate, Retail, Sales Services, Security Services, Transportation, Travel, Recreation & Leisure
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Services Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to communicate to customers and potential customers. ... more

With email marketing you can track what happens once you hit send. These reports help you to test email subject lines and to ensure you have a clean email list.
Industry Experience:
Apparel, Audio, Video & Photo, Automotive, Bars & Restaurants, Construction, Finance, Food & Dairy, Furniture, Healthcare, Home Services, Legal Services, Personal Care, Pet Care, Print Media, Real Estate, Security Services, Travel, Recreation & Leisure
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