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Let us Make Social Media work for You! We Implement, Grow, Survey, & Manage Your Market Running a business is a lot of work, and now Social Media is critical,... more
but who has the time?

We can help manage, market, and update all your Social Media Accounts.

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

We can help you with everything! From initial account setup, channel art, design, optimization, creating great content, and posting. Improve sales, develop business goals, establish a social presence, improve customer loyalty, reach new clients, Build, Brand & Grow your Network, Save Time & Money, Engage your fan base, increase Likes, Subscribers, Followers, and more! We got you!

We can also help you get up to speed with our Social Media private or group Training.
Industry Experience:
Aerospace, Agriculture, Apparel, Audio, Video & Photo, Bars & Restaurants, Computers, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Personal Care, Sales Services, Software
In today’s highly competitive Internet environment, business owners find themselves wearing many different hats. As we all know, there’s only so much time in a day to get things done. ... moreMeeting budgets, fulfilling obligations, and cutting overhead is essential in today’s stressed economy.

The benefits of using a virtual assistant to help your business run smoothly and efficiently is one of the best ways business owners today can save money while at the same time generating business and maintaining service and product efficiency and deliveries.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Construction, Education, Finance, Food & Dairy, Healthcare, Personal Care, Real Estate, Sports
Social Media for Restaurants Restaurants are unique and their online presence should reflect that. People love food and drinks; we love to talk about food, see pictures of delicious ... moremeals artistically presented and exotic drinks to temp our taste buds. The internet is the most powerful and dynamic platform for restaurants to showcase what makes them special…and their customers are eating it up. Most people will take the review of a restaurant they see online seriously. Restaurant owners and managers need to be aware of the impact online reviews could have on their business. Savvy restrauteurs realize that they can build a powerful brand and customer loyalty using the tools on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yelp.

Our restaurant program is highly individualized to the need of each establishment. The design of the program is intended to take the heavy demands of frequent online interaction off the shoulders over very busy owners and managers. While the restaurant will collaborate on the content going out online, they will no longer have to manage these platforms themselves. The value we bring to restaurants: 

• Effective social media/inbound marketing strategy
• Regular and frequent posting on the identified platforms
• Timely engagement with their audience on these sites
• Real-time Tweets of events and specials
• Linking everything together for seamless integration
• Customer loyalty programs
• Email campaigns
• Website updates
• Promotions and coupons
• Training and consultation

Social Media for MLM Groups

Social Media for Groups is a special program that allows consultants within companies that have a multi-level marketing structure to benefit from social media management services without paying the full price of a single business. This is based on a group discount where the group members share some of the same social media posts, but also have their own unique posts to promote their specials, events, and opportunities.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Bars & Restaurants, Home Services, Lawn Care, Legal Services, Real Estate, Transportation
Connect with your customers and their everyday life Use the power of today’s most visited online social networks, and be a part of the conversation.... more

Let our team at Bloominari help you choose the best way and social networks to share your content, ideas, thoughts, news, products and services through. We’ll make sure it reaches your target audience and is more likely to spread virally.

Your Business Socializes Online

It’s all about interacting: Sharing, Discussing, Listening & Learning
Join the trend of the online social revolution! Millions of people around the world today spend more time on Facebook than searching on Google, and if you want to reach your target audience your business must also join Facebook and other social networks like Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

Business-specific pages

These networks have special business and brand pages that allow your users to connect with you, follow your every thought, and be attentive to any news, insight, thoughts, or products you might like to showcase.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Apparel, Audio, Video & Photo, Automotive, Bars & Restaurants, Charity, Education, Food & Dairy, Furniture, Healthcare, Jewelry, Legal Services, Personal Care, Pet Care, Retail, Sales Services, Textiles, Wholesale & Distribution
Specializing in Bed and Breakfast and Small Business Web Site Designs, Marketing, Hosting, Education and so much more! Knowledge is POWER! ... more

Acorn Internet Services, Inc. provides Web Design, Marketing and Hosting Services to both Small Businesses and the Bed and Breakfast Innkeeping Industry.

The Key to your Internet Success is KNOWLEDGE. "Educating our Industry One Client at a Time."
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Now more than ever, social media is playing a vital role in how well web content ranks organically in the search results. Social signals (Likes, Shares, Comments, +1s, Tweets, Re-Tweets, ... moreetc.) all play a role now in the popularity of web content. The more your content is promoted socially, the better off it will be in the organic search results.

Social media also plays a vital role in brand awareness for your company. It allows you to continually engage your existing customers with new product/service information, special offers or valuable information that will keep them interested and coming back to your business.

When you choose one of our social media management packages, the social media marketing experts at Captivate Search Marketing will work side by side with you to get a thorough understanding of your company’s brand and the message you want to convey to your social media audience.

Select one of our social media marketing packages and we’ll utilize our social prowess to provide your business a well-rounded social media marketing plan of attack.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Automotive, Healthcare, Home Services, Personal Care, Transportation
SOCIAL MEDIA: THE NEW FRONTIER OF COMMUNICATION Social Media is here to stay. Social Media not only plays a significant role in enhancing a company’s brand, it is also a tool that ... morehelps you connect with your audience and build professional relationships. However, not all social networks are the same. Grass Roots Marketing will help you choose the social networks that are best for your business to be a part of, depending on what you want to accomplish and who you are trying to speak to. Additionally, GRM will assist you in developing and executing a Social Media plan to increase your following and engagement. 


LinkedIn is commonly used to network with prospects and nurture leads. Grass Roots Marketing will perform an in depth review of your team’s profiles and recommend changes. Additionally, GRM will create a company page and provide a tutorial that discusses ways to maximize the use of your LinkedIn accounts.


Facebook is a tool that will enhance your brand awareness and build relationships with your audience. By utilizing a Facebook page, you’re able to connect with a larger prospect pool, gain referrals and build repeat business. Grass Roots Marketing can help build an efficient company page and provide a strategic plan to keep current and integrate with other marketing programs.


Twitter helps relay information at a moment’s notice and can travel to large audiences with the click of a button. Announcements can consist of new product information, industry news or any other information that would be viewed as valuable to your audience. GRM will build a Twitter page and strategically use your page to build followers and provide resourceful content that will draw in new leads.


Pinterest is an online pinboard, where users can repin images to their own personal page. Since images have a link back to their source, Pinterest can be a handy tool to build inbound links for your website. If your company is in a creative industry that frequently utilizes imagery, talk to Grass Roots Marketing about setting up a Pinterest page.

Google +

Google + is close to a necessity these days. Not only is Google one of the most powerful and largest search engine, but in order to utilize Google’s toolkit (Gmail, Adwords, Youtube, etc) you need a Google + account. Grass Roots Marketing will create a Google + page for you and design custom graphics for the page. Having this social network in your arsenal will ensure that you perform better in Search Engines (SEO).


Does your company have video? Do you think that video would most efficiently capture the attention of your prospects or assist in portraying you message? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you should be on Youtube. Youtube is a video hosting social network that also provides an embed code so that you can place your video on other sites, like your Website. Let Grass Roots Marketing know if you want to check out this social media vehicle.

Phase 2 of your Strategy: Engagement

Now that your program has Social Media pages set up and you’ve succeeded in building a following, it is important to take the social media strategy to the next level and focus on engaging with other industry leaders and potential leads to further encourage sales generation. The program now has a good social media presence, but there is a need to research, build connections, and strengthen these connections by practicing engagement efforts. Grass Roots Marketing will help you achieve success in Social Media engagement.
Industry Experience:
Accounting and Tax, Advertising, Marketing and PR, Education, Hardware, HR and Recruiting Services, Home Services, Jewelry
Mid-level mileage from your content distributed to your fans. Multiple daily posts: five times a day to your Twitter fans, twice/day to your Facebook, LinkedIN and G+, two Pinterest ... morepins daily. Split up between sharing your content and peer industry articles/blogs/content sharing. Three custom premium branded images designed and posted weekly, and Pinterest management and posting with two pins/re-pins daily.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Automotive, Legal Services
Social media, also known as, social networking sites are all about creating online communities for people. They are generally web based and have created multiple ways for users to ... moreinteract with each other from leaving comments, or private messages, to instant messaging.

It has become the new ‘norm’ for communication and information sharing. Millions upon millions of people use these sites daily all over the world. For commerce to keep up with this new form of communication, it has been shown to be very beneficial for businesses to get into the social media scene. Social networking, although online, is a more ‘human’ way of communicating to potential clients than direct sales or advertising. These sites have opened a way to find out more of what your audience wants.

Social networking sites include Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Linkedin. Then there are less international sites such as Bebo, Nexopia, Badoo, Xing, Friendster and Cyworld. It is truly beneficial to take the time to create profiles for yourself on the top 4 sites. Myspace and Twitter will allow you to create profiles for your business, while Linkedin is more about you and your work history. Facebook has a special area for businesses called PAGES where you can create a profile for your business but it is separated from regular user profiles.

These sites can be time consuming to keep up with, however, the results of having profiles on these sites and updating them weekly, speak for themselves. Linking your website to these other websites will help you with your SEO ranking as well. So be sure to do so.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Automotive, Computers, Construction, Furniture, Healthcare, Legal Services, Personal Care, Print Media, Retail, Sales Services, Security Services, Sports
As a KB Concepts guest blogger points out, gone are the days when businesses relied on traditional advertising to build their brand. Social media has taken over marketing to the masses. ... moreMore than 70% of all Internet users actively use social media. So what better place to reach out to your customers and make yourself known to them?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, Tumblr, Reddit, Periscope, blogs and more…the speed with which new social media tools are developed and become popular can be dizzying.

Let KB Concepts help you navigate this brave new world, hone your messages, identify your target audiences — and the influencers who can best reach them.

Expand your reach to achieve new levels of success. We’re here to help!
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Bars & Restaurants, Education, Food & Dairy, Furniture, Healthcare, Legal Services, Personal Care
What is Social Media?

Social Media includes websites and applications that empower users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
BrandLamp makes it easier for you to find Social Media Packages created and managed by true Social Media professionals.

Search for Social Media Packages and instantly get clear results. Social Media Packages have never been easier to compare. See what’s included and how much they cost.