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Minimum Acceptable Budget ($)
300 USD
Lead Time (Days)
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Number of Employees:
10 - 19
About Us
About PPC Essentials
We believe small and medium-sized businesses deserve top notch pay-per-click management services.

Powered by Seattle digital marketing agency, Portent, our team of dedicated PPC Strategists work to provide growing businesses with the PPC performance needed to get the most out of their marketing budgets.

When approaching our craft, we follow a handful of principles that set us apart from the rest. We don’t have a fancy acronym to boast, but we do have a set of strong core values that carry us through our work.
Many of us know what that ‘black box’ feels like. You’re paying money every month and don’t know what you’re getting in return. Our management programs are designed to provide complete transparency, keeping you in the loop on where your advertising dollars are going and what you’re getting in return.
Our management fees aren’t based off a percentage of your advertising spend ensuring we have your best interests at heart. We work within your advertising goals and budget to execute a strategy that produces results– all while making sure you understand our methods and processes.
Nothing we say will speak better than our performance. Our work focuses on your most important goals whether it’s growing your customer base, increasing the number of phone calls you receive or driving more traffic to your website. Proving our value as a marketing asset will be evident through the results we achieve.

At the end of the day, PPC Essentials is here to solve a need that many small and medium-sized businesses face – finding trustworthy digital marketing partners ready to start a relationship built on strong core values.
PPC Essentials is dedicated to helping small and mid-sized businesses grow their customer base through PPC without wasting time or straining budgets. Our no contract PPC management packages provide you with a low risk way to work with a top-tier agency.
What Makes Us Different?
At PPC Essentials, we don’t want to lock you in to a long term contract you may not end up being happy with but have to continue paying for. That’s why all PPC Essentials packages run month-to-month with no minimum commitment- it’s truly no contract PPC. If the day does come that you want to part ways with our service, we won’t charge a cancellation fee of any kind.
Some companies will create your PPC account and then own it completely. If you leave them, you lose all the work and the account your campaigns were stored in putting you back at square one. With PPC Essentials, you own your account and all of the work we complete in it. If you leave, all our work stays with you for the long run.
With the ability to log in to your account at anytime to review your ad copy, keywords, and campaign settings, see exactly what we are working on at any time. If you have any questions, reach out directly to the specialist working on your account. No questions? That’s fine, we’ll send you a detailed report each month to keep you in the loop.
Marketing Solution Category:
SEO, Pay Per Click Management
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Home Services
Business Offices:
Single Office
Wondering how much this will cost? Pick the PPC package that best fits your business. But don’t worry, you’re not locked in. Our small business PPC management packages are month-to-month ... moreand give you the flexibility to move up or down as your account goals change.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Finance, Home Services, Sports
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