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Remarkety is an email marketing platform for eCommerce websites. The platform lets business owners easily design and send email campaigns that target customers based on shopping behavior ... moreand purchase history.

Remarkety is eCommerce email marketing - simplified.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Marketing studies have shown that sending out an email newsletter on a regular basis is a cost-effective way for businesses to build and main relationships with both current and prospective ... morecustomers/clients. According toForrester Research:

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a digital promotional.

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive digital offers.

With these facts in mind, it is hard to imagine why a business would not be sending out regularly scheduled newsletters and promotions to their customer base. The truth is, that creating an email campaign takes time and energy – which happen to be something that most small business owners do not have. That is why Eien Design Studio is offering affordable full service, E-Marketing packages that will help you to better market your products and services to your past, present and future clientele.
Industry Experience:
Audio, Video & Photo, Bars & Restaurants, Charity, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Finance, Food & Dairy, Healthcare, Jewelry, Personal Care, Pet Care, Real Estate
You are a little overwhelmed because you know it can be TIME consuming to get going with your email marketing campaign especially for the email marketing newbies out there. ... more

Once you create your account, you have to create lists, design templates to match your brand and its voice, input and proof the content, and get it sent out. How much TIME do you think all that will take?

And what about the TIME it takes to set up Autoresponders (Drip Campaigns)? There is no way around the fact that you are going to have to set aside some serious TIME to compose an entire series of emails to be sent out at a designated time in a scheduled sequence. Sounds sooo appealing, right?

Is creating weekly newsletters or setting up an Autoresponder the best use of your TIME? I THINK NOT! And to be honest, so do you! I mean who wants to spend half the day handling these tasks? Not you, right?

But they need to be done and somebody has to take the TIME to do it. So how do you plan to grow that relationship with your ideal clients and still remain productive and profitable in your business?

Well by handing it over to THE BEASTMODE VA, of course! =)

By handing over the task me, you are assured that your weekly newsletters are set up, created and sent to your ideal client – ON TIME, EVERY WEEK.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
I help local business owners create and manage their online presence and use communications technologies to improve their ability to be responsive to their customers. I have over 15 ... moreyears of customer service support experience and I have quickly become a student of social media marketing and relationship marketing.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Email marketing is an inexpensive tool that helps you re-engage visitors long after you've left an initial impression, generating sales and maximizing ROI in the process. ... more

Your customers may not necessarily buy your product the first time they visit to your website. However, they may be interested in staying up to date on the newest products and services offered by your online store. Likewise, your long-time customers may only need a simple push to buy more of your products or purchase an upgrade on your services.

Fortunately, our Palm Beach marketing specialists can help you stay in touch with your prospects and enhance your existing client relationships through email marketing. Generate Leads through your website using an Opt-in, or obtain lead lists from us.

Email Marketing Components

Opt-In Form Integration

We design an attractive, unobtrusive opt-in newsletter form and implement it on your website. Your visitors need only provide their name and email address to subscribe to future email campaigns.

List Management

Your new subscribers are automatically added to a list, which can be organized or segmented however you wish. Have emails sent specifically to your prospects to entice them to purchase while updating your existing customers on a new product you’re offering.


BBEX designs unique email templates for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to send out a simple newsletter or a sales brochure, we will provide the perfect layout, images and text to convey your message.

Send your Campaign

Once your design is finalized, we will instantly deliver the email to the relevant portion of your mailing list.

Social Media Integration

Links to share on Facebook and Twitter are included in each email. Your recipients can create a buzz among their friends and family by instantly posting your email to their wall.


BBEX provides analytics reports with all email marketing packages. This crucial data reflects the amount of opened emails, bounces, unsubscribers and more that occur with each email. Know exactly how impactful your campaigns really are, and we will make adjustments to strengthen your impact during the life of your email marketing campaign.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Email Marketing By Suite 4
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
At Dental Office Website (DOW), we customize our approach to for each individual client’s needs from dental website design, internet dental marketing, and Dentist’s Reputation Management. ... moreOur team provides personalized support for our clients 24/7.

We take pride in helping our clients’ dental practice grow.

Our clients are some of the elite dental health care providers in the USA.

Whether you are building your dental practice or have an established dental practice, Dental Office Website will increase your new patient revenue.

With over 10 years’ experience in search engine optimization and marketing strategies, Dental Office Website has the tools and the knowledge necessary to help dental offices and dentists succeed in the very competitive dentistry market.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Healthcare
Implement Your Email Marketing Plan  Email is still the sharpest tool in your online marketing toolbox. The ability to reach out to your subscribers with information, promotions, and ... morenew products is critical to the success of your business.

Getting it all set up, though, can be a little daunting. Our email marketing packages help reduce the confusion and frustration, so you can start growing your list.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Email Marketing Works and Your Customers Are The Best To Convert  Email marketing works! Your customers share their email with you and they invite you into their homes to learn about ... morespecial offers, discounts and news. Let’s be honest we all DO not need more email but these are your customers. If you can share relevant information you have an 85% chance they will get it in your email rather than in a social post.

We work with Constant Contact and Mailchimp and we can do it all, set up account, import contact lists, design templates or simply help you create campaigns and train your team to run the campaigns weekly or monthly.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
CONSTANT CONTACT EMAIL MARKETING EMAIL MARKETING MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS CUSTOMIZED TO YOU I can help you with your Constant Contact email marketing needs. .... more

Owning a business is hard work. Marketing is very hard work. Email Marketing makes it easier, but you need to know what to do and how to do it. I help you with that.

I have been managing email marketing accounts for a number of years and I want to use this experience, along with the Constant Contact product suite, to put you on the path to more clients, more customers, and more success with a powerful email marketing system that is 100% focused on your customers and your business.

From years of experience, and billions of emails design and delivered, I have learned what works and what does not.

I can help you too. How can we help you? In our email marketing management packages, we manage your email marketing campaigns. Basically, we do it for you, and because we know that one size does not fit all, we have three packages to choose from.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
What is Email Marketing?

Generally speaking every email you send to a potential or current customer can be considered email marketing. Email marketing uses email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.
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