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I specialize in writing powerful copy that is proven to sell a wide array of products and services on the Internet. My approach features a systematic, step-by-step approach to writing ... moreweb copy that sells — from start to finish.
Not only will it reveal your unique voice, but it is packed with powerful psychological principles that turn skeptical prospects into eager buyers.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Guerrilla force offers you the most budget friendly and best copywriting packages. We can help you write articles, product launches, newsletters, press releases, blogs or even do ghost ... morewriting for you. Our copywriting packages are created with a singular aim, to help you get the best content in the most cost effective prices. We guarantee that all our content is original and is written with the same passion with which you would have written it. Check out our different copywriting packages and be a step ahead of your competitors with some great content on your website or that sales collateral.
Industry Experience:
Aerospace, Beverages, Construction, Healthcare, Personal Care, Pet Care, Real Estate, Software, Travel, Recreation & Leisure, Adult
Are you ready to host the world’s most spirited online dinner party? Invite your target market in for digital drinks and online appetizers by building them an online home that they ... morecan’t wait to hang out in.

With my creative website copywriting you’ll:

Benefit from professional copywriting that entices your visitors from the get-go.

Take the stress, hassle and pain out of creating a love-drenched online space that your tribe adores (and that they feel speaks to them directly!)

Easily and effectively sell your businesses’ products and services without resorting to greasy sales tactics.

Woo and enthrall them with your brand’s story and unique essence.

Build your subscriber list and create a loyal online tribe that sells your products for you.

Enjoy website content that truly does your brand justice.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Together, we can make your brand’s personality soar in so many ways. But that sounds pretty vague, doesn’t it? Here are some specifics about how we can work together. If you don’t ... morefit into one of these packages, fret not! Just give me a shout and I’ll provide an estimate based on your needs.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Audio, Video & Photo, Charity, Food & Dairy, Healthcare, IT & Networking
Is your website a Yellow Daisy? Or a French Rose? Have you noticed that in a garden some flowers attract more bees than others? Take the common daisy, it can attract 10-15 bees in ... morea minute while we have seen a bee zoom right past a beautiful French Lace rose. One plant is literally swarming with bee activity while another plant, only feet away, is barely getting anything. They both have flowers and so it would follow; they both have nectar. Why the difference in results?

The answer is: the popular flower is providing exactly what the bee needs: an easy to access nectar source, that’s easy to figure out, it’s safe, and easy to remember. Because bees only live for a week to thirty days, they require a nectar source that fits their needs exactly; they have no time to waste. The key is: think about the bee, not the flower.

Internet users are the same way. They don’t have much time at all, so the site that is safe, easy to access, easy to figure out, and can be remembered easily, will be the one that gets used.

Well written copy for the internet has keyword enriched content that attracts results from search engines such as Google, to AOL, informs the user, makes things easy for them to understand and easier for them to use what you are offering.

Ultimately, you want something to occur with your website when the internet user arrives, Content is the way to make that happen. Web content is not a brochure, it’s not about the company, and it’s not about what the company wants the customer to do. It’s about what the customer wants to do. Knowing that and acting on it will be like the yellow daisy that attracts 12-15 bees a minute as opposed to the French Lace rose that attracted a single bee hours ago.

Our goal is to attract, influence and close, whether it’s through a download, a signup form, a phone call, or to make a purchase.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
My name is Josh Earl, and I specialize in helping entrepreneurs turn their email list into a “conveyor belt” system that reliably produces new customers, clients and cash, every day ... morearound the clock—no babysitting required.

Most businesses are neglecting their #1 sales-creating asset—their email list.

Year after year, email destroys all other online media when it comes to profits in your bank account.

In fact, a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association shows that email consistently demolishes all other forms of marketing when it comes to raw results for the money invested…

Producing an AVERAGE return of 4,300%.

That means that…
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Education, Real Estate
Your Web Copy Makes Sales for You or Your Competition – Your Choice You tossed up a boilerplate template with a couple of paragraphs talking about that “Best of…” award you won 6 years ... moreago from the local free paper and found that didn’t really change things for your business.

No new sales. No new customers. What’s the hub-bub about putting up a website?

Too many small businesses make that same mistake.

You had a buddy build a free website to cut costs because a website is what you heard you were supposed to do, and got nothing but crickets.Good personality-based sales copy on your website is the difference between having a single business card tacked up on a cork board with 153 others over the urinals in the men’s room of a random dive bar, and buying a full-time professional robot salesman to pitch everyone on earth without breaks, benefits, or batteries.

Every single day your customers are searching the web for that thing you sell. If you’re not already famous, those searches aren’t looking for you by name. They’re using their own language. Search engines have trouble even finding your site if your copywriting sucks.Those potential customers that do happen to accidentally stumble onto your crappy site are immediately bored blind by your corporate jargony-jargon and smarmy sales speak in your sales copy, and they’ll click away before they ever figure out what it is you’ve got to sell.You have the best doohickey on the planet? Means nothing if you can’t explain it to a potential customer in words they understand.

I turn your website into an easily found compelling robot salesperson that convinces your potential customers that YOU have all the answers they need.

My clients are Photographers, Web Designers, Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Online Entrepreneurs, and other small business owners like you who use my personality-based sales copy to get their message to their right people.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
You aren’t a technical expert and don’t want to deal with all of the complicated coding and php. Let us take care of all of the maintenance of your website so you don’t need to worry ... moreabout breaking anything.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Copywriting services are offered for the busniess people, with various packages.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Content is said to be a very powerful medium contributing significantly to the worth and value of any website. This is the reason there are numerous online entities offering web content ... morewriting services, but most of the times the services are quite substandard and mediocre. Differentiate Globex Web Solutions from the rest, for it offers highly qualitative and professional content writing services and vouches for the best results in the form of smooth traffic flow and increased website visibility. Content counts, for it has all the capabilities to turn a random viewer into an astounded visitor of a particular website. Globex Web Solutions offers highly specialized and focused writing services aimed at increasing traffic to a website and making it more attractive to internet search engines as well as gaining better ratings and status. 

Globex Web Solutions has a professional team of copywriters and content writers who are well skilled and knowledgeable in how to create compelling and interesting content, fully in accordance with the nature of the business or niche of the website. Originality and quality are two main factors that play a very essential and significant role in making a piece of web content stand out distinctively from the rest of the crowd.

The internet is one such medium that is said to have unlimited information access. There is so much to read and view that it becomes very difficult to attain the interest of readers and viewers. Newer and newer ideas and topics keep on coming and the reader becomes more and more updated with each single passing day. Globex Web Solutions offers writing services that are bound to create content for different websites which will not only be simultaneously informative and entertaining, but it will be woven in such a style as to hold the attention and interest of the viewer for a long period of time. 
Industry Experience:
Apparel, Audio, Video & Photo, Computers, Education, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Performing Arts, Personal Care, Pet Care, Telecommunications
What is Copywriting?

Effective online marketing starts with copywriting or copy; it creates content that appeals to your customers and gets them to take action. Copywriting writes the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. Copywriters are the wordsmiths that make content appealing and relevant.
Using BrandLamp, it is easier to find Copywriting Packages that are created and managed by true copywriting professionals.

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