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iNFIN Technologies – Offering top notch quality IT outsourcing services in Web Development, Software Development, iPhone and Android Apps Development, All OS-E Commerce solutions, ... moreSearch Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, Yahoo and Bing PPC with 24 hrs quality support and all in specific deadlines.
Industry Experience:
Apparel, Audio, Video & Photo, Consumer Electronics, Education, Food & Dairy, Healthcare, Personal Care, Print Media, Real Estate, Software
Our Guarantee No one believes in the impact and effectiveness of content marketing more than us. That’s why we offer a 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you decide in the first ... more30 days of your time with Charm House that content marketing isn’t what your business needs or you are unsatisfied with the quality of our services, you get a full refund. Period. We do this because our purpose is for your business to thrive, not to make money at all costs.

What Makes Us Different

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Charm House.

Hard numbers, soft communication. Sure, we have a team of savvy content producers who can communicate your unique message to your audience in a natural, relatable way. But we take it one step further. We back up our solid strategy and content with a monthly report in plain English, so that you can see exactly how our strategy is working for your business and determine if it’s still a good fit.

We know we don’t know everything. Yup, I said it. We’re experts, but we’re not fortunetellers. No one can say for sure what strategy is going to be a winner for your specific business and audience at this specific time. We start with an educated guess based on our expertise and the research we perform for your specific market. Then we keep our finger on the pulse of the strategy at all times by using sophisticated analytics tools. We take what’s working in your strategy and we expand it, learn from it, and grow it. Then we get rid of what’s not working. Rinse and repeat.

Influence around the web. For your business to be successful, your passion must be apparent in places online besides your website. These places can be in search results, on social media, or on another influential website in your niche. While the exact recipe varies by company, your newly apparent passion won’t be constrained to your small existing circles. It’s time to share what you do with the whole world (or at least the parts of the world for whom your business is relevant).

A comprehensive strategy, not patchwork. What’s great content without a roadmap for getting your audience to it? What’s a bustling social presence with nothing helpful or interesting on your website to direct your readers toward? What good are search rankings if you can’t relate to users once they arrive on your website? We bring it all together for optimum influence and optimum results.

High-quality content for all. You don’t have to offer mediocrity to your customers. Offer nothing but excellence and watch your audience grow naturally.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Transform Your Website into a Marketing Machine We start with an in-depth interview with you to understand your products’ or services’ features and benefits, your target audience, ... morewhy they’re better off buying from you than your competitor, your website’s goals and more.

Then we create clear, concise compelling copy to generate leads and/or close sales.

All website copywriting packages include 5 web pages (not exceeding 2,500 words.)

‘Create It’ Website Copywriting Packages

If you’re starting from scratch, and are juggling a lengthy “to-do” list, these packages are for you.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Personal Care, Software, Telecommunications
The content you need It’s difficult to imagine a small business website that couldn’t benefit from the following kind of content. ... more

A customer-focused website should be the hub of your online marketing. It needs to speak to visitors in a way that answers their questions (and responds to their searches), encourages them to want to know more about you, and leads them to the next step in becoming your customer. Each of the three website packages described below is comprised of four elements:

A strategy that aligns your goals with your customers’ needs and makes clear what needs to be written.
The writing itself.
Search engine optimization (SEO).
Changes based on your feedback (two rounds).

Email newsletters keep you in touch with your audience, remind them to come back to your website for blogs they may have missed, and give you a platform for making special offers.

Blogging gives visitors (including search engines) good reason to return to your website. Weekly blog posts allow you the opportunity to address something in a way that is better suited for a blog than a web page.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR

Just like you, I love my business, and make a big difference with the clients I work with. Recently, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. It has changed my life, and I know firsthand how precious time is.

After spending years as a Publicist, Event Coordinator, and Analyst, I decided to focus on bringing high-level virtual support to heart-centered businesses. So many of you needed help with copywriting, social media, book publishing, and publicity—I knew I could have a huge impact!

I received an M.A. in Writing & Book Publishing from Portland State University, as well. My expertise gives me unique insight into the world of content marketing. I work hands-on with coaches, speakers, philanthropic leaders, and authors to streamline and up-level their content marketing campaigns.

And as a side-note, I believe that when you set an intention, and commit to achieving it, you will bring it to life. At least that’s how my family was able to meet President Obama—a recent dream of ours.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Optimize your search engine rankings through professionally written, custom-crafted web copy. Our website copywriting packages ensure a clean and organized online interface that’s ... moresure to attract and maintain online traffic – propelling your company forward and positioning you as an expert in your field.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
Talented Professionals Delivering Affordable Copywriting Services When you work with ProPRcopy, there are real, very talented people writing your marketing content. ... more

Our team delivers fast, affordable and professional copywriting services day in and day out, working closely with small businesses, large companies, startups, nonprofits, PR & marketing firms and website developers — and just about every other type of business or organization in between.

We also create content for email marketing campaigns, newsletters, product descriptions, brochures, direct mailers and a wide range of other marketing materials. Plus, we offer affordable copywriting packages for your ongoing content marketing efforts.

There’s a very good reason why we are such a trusted partner to so many different types of businesses and organizations. Our copywriters and editors apply their years of public relations, marketing and newsroom experience to a quick, efficient writing and editing process, providing top-notch content at a low price. From writing and editing to distribution and consulting, we are the dependable content writing partner you need.

Original content from professional, U.S.-based copywriters

100% satisfaction guarantee

You own the rights to all content developed

24 hour (or less) turnaround

Free revisions
Industry Experience:
Automotive, Charity, Construction, Finance, Legal Services, Real Estate
FROM COVER TO COVERED Developing all of the online content your business needs can certainly be a lot of work, but somebody has to make sure that you are sending the right message ... moreto your customers from “cover to cover”. Let that somebody be us - the experts in content development who are passionate about using our combined knowledge to grow your business. 

When you find you do not have the time for content development, you will find us ready to take the reins and pick up where you left off with engaging, effective content.
Industry Experience:
Agriculture, Automotive, Bars & Restaurants, Charity, Construction, Healthcare, Home Services, Legal Services, Performing Arts, Personal Care, Pet Care, Retail, Travel, Recreation & Leisure
Stop struggling to write your own marketing content! Your marketing strategy feels like running a marathon. And you can never seem to get past mile 18. You huff & you puff but ... morethat finish line is no closer on Wednesday than it seemed on Monday.

If your email opt-in list isn’t converting, you have low email open rates, or you simply can’t seem to get any leverage on social media, we can troubleshoot to correct your sales funnel leaks.

You’re exhausted and feeling a bit overwhelmed just trying to create all the content you need for your business.

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you’re in this alone.

What if …you could just assign someone to write your blogs for you?

What if … a quick draft lead to a fully edited, publish ready article?

What if …your sales pages were completed the second you needed them?
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR, Aerospace, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Sports
Writing copy that helps you attract your ideal customers, build a legion of raving fans and sells your services is about so much more than words. ... more

If you’re going to succeed in the online world, your copy needs to convert. Period.

Conversion is about driving people to action. It’s about getting them to the next step in engaging with you, because, hello, isn’t that the point? If things don’t convert, you don’t have much of a business. That’s why you need a web copywriter that does more than create cute and catchy phrases that make people smile.

Writing copy is art. Conversion is science. Together, they are pure magic that draws people to your community, makes them go from knowing you to actually trusting you, and turns them into buyers. My approach is to create copy in the sweet spot of personality and practicality so it connects with your audience and helps you meet goals.

The Copy Confab

Copy is pretty personal stuff, so you really need to make sure the copywriter you hire is a good fit for you and your business. (Whether that’s me or someone else.) Which is why I have the Copy Confab.

Think of it like dating, we need to talk first before we decide to actually go on a first date and carry on from there. Otherwise, things can get messy because you’re all country and I’m rock n’ roll and we’re never going to agree on where to go dancing on Friday nights. (#awkward)

You can schedule your Copy Confab below so we can figure out if we’re a good fit and to see what the best options are for you based on your needs. This may be a package below, or some awesome mash up of these services in a custom package.

If you don’t see what you need because you need help with email, sales pages or something else, we can chat about how we can work together.
Industry Experience:
Advertising, Marketing and PR
What is Copywriting?

Effective online marketing starts with copywriting or copy; it creates content that appeals to your customers and gets them to take action. Copywriting writes the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. Copywriters are the wordsmiths that make content appealing and relevant.
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