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Your Web Copy Makes Sales for You or Your Competition – Your Choice

You tossed up a boilerplate template with a couple of paragraphs talking about that “Best of…” award you won 6 years ago from the local free paper and found that didn’t really change things for your business.

No new sales. No new customers. What’s the hub-bub about putting up a website?

Too many small businesses make that same mistake.

You had a buddy build a free website to cut costs because a website is what you heard you were supposed to do, and got nothing but crickets.Good personality-based sales copy on your website is the difference between having a single business card tacked up on a cork board with 153 others over the urinals in the men’s room of a random dive bar, and buying a full-time professional robot salesman to pitch everyone on earth without breaks, benefits, or batteries.

Every single day your customers are searching the web for that thing you sell. If you’re not already famous, those searches aren’t looking for you by name. They’re using their own language. Search engines have trouble even finding your site if your copywriting sucks.Those potential customers that do happen to accidentally stumble onto your crappy site are immediately bored blind by your corporate jargony-jargon and smarmy sales speak in your sales copy, and they’ll click away before they ever figure out what it is you’ve got to sell.You have the best doohickey on the planet? Means nothing if you can’t explain it to a potential customer in words they understand.

I turn your website into an easily found compelling robot salesperson that convinces your potential customers that YOU have all the answers they need.

My clients are Photographers, Web Designers, Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Online Entrepreneurs, and other small business owners like you who use  my personality-based sales copy to get their message to their right people.
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